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We pride ourselves on being the top rated window tinting company in Scottsdale Arizona. We understand that our customer’s needs are important and we make those needs our top priority. You can expect to receive superior customer service and affordable prices at Gotham Tint. 


Arizona heat can be relentless. Our Window Tinting Service understands this reality. Everyday we provide support through window tinting to help alleviate the effects of the harsh Arizona sun.

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We are the best window tinting company in Scottsdale AZ, because we can meet all of your window film needs. We provide the best automotive window tinting service in Arizona and we are proud to uphold that tradition everyday.

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Our trained window tinters are the best in business. Their experience allows them to tint vehicles of all types. Our professionals can tint sedans, trucks, SUVs, vans, and any other vehicle that you need tinted. 

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If the service that we provide to you is not meeting your standards please give us a call. Gotham Tint Scottsdale takes customer satisfaction very seriously, our business relies on it. If you have any issues with the quality of our work, we will work to rectify the situation immediately!

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Gotham Tint Scottsdale was a very fun company to work with. I recently purchased my dream car and I was very anxious about getting my windows tinted. Gotham Tint was able to put me at ease by answering all of my questions throughout the process. I couldn’t be happier with the service I received and I would highly recommend this window tinting company. 
-Dan Wheeler


This is by far the best window tinting company in Scottsdale AZ. I called around to all of the companies that provide automotive glass care services and Gotham Tint was by far the most helpful. Not only was their customer service great, but the quality of their work is outstanding. If you want quality service at a fair price, then head on over to Gotham Tint Scottsdale. 
-Ashley Jones

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Gotham Tint Scottsdale provides many services to Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. Below is a list of locations where most of our customers originate.
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Our Tint Company provides pretty much any automotive tint service you could ever want. These are the reasons that most people give us a call: auto window tint, tint removal, tint replacement, tint estimates, tint jobs, tint materials, window tinting rules, and tint supplies.

Reasons Why Our Customers Tint Their Windows

The primary reason that most of our customers decide to get their windows tinted is so that their car will look cool. Placing tint on a car’s windows definitely makes the car look way more sleek. It can improve the looks of a stock sedan all the up to a souped up sports car. There is no question that tinting the windows on a car makes it look better. However, what most people don’t realize is that there are many other added benefits. These benefits can help to improve your health, your passenger’s health, and your vehicle’s health. All of these are important factors that should be considered when deciding to tint the windows of your vehicle.

Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window tint as a compliment to a comprehensive plan for protection from harmful sun rays. The window tint can act as a “sun screen” helping to protect you and your family from harmful sun rays. The benefit of this is that a one time application of window film can continue to protect you and your family day in and day out. If you get your windows tinted on your vehicle, the tint can block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays.

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The skin cancer foundation also did some research and discovered many interesting facts. They found that UV rays can lead to skin cancer which is the most common type of cancer. UV rays can also increase the rate at which humans age. It was also discovered that drivers of vehicles without protective film on their vehicle’s window were more likely to develop cancer on their left side. This was because their left side was exposed to harmful UV rays much more than their protected right side while they were driving. UV rays are able to create longer-term damage and the effects of this damage is not immediately noticeable.

Another benefit of using window film on your automobile is reduced heat inside your vehicle. Studies have show that a vehicle with window tint will remain approximately thirty degrees cooler than a car without window tint. If you work and live in Scottsdale Arizona, the sun could be destroying your car. That extra thirty degrees of heat everyday can do a number on the interior of your vehicle. Let the professionals at the best tint shop in Scottsdale AZ help to protect your car. Next time you get into your car during the Arizona summer, imagine how much more quickly your AC will cool you off is the starting temperature is thirty degrees less.

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When our professionals install top quality tint they are also adding an extra layer of security to your vehicle. First of all, the tint makes it more difficult for onlookers to see what is on the inside of your car, truck, van, or SUV. This means that it can deter thieves immediately. The second security feature of the best window film is that it does not allow glass to shatter. Thieves know that they cannot quickly shatter the glass of an automobile with tinted windows. This means they will likely pass on trying to break into your vehicle.  

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Window Tint Removal

Another service that we provide in window tint removal. If you vehicle has old window tint that you want removed, just give us a call and we will be more than happy to help. Also if it is only one window giving you trouble we can assist with that as well. We can remove tint from any or all windows, just let us know.

Window Tinting Rules Scottsdale AZ

We comply with all of the state laws that Arizona has set. The laws are measured with visible light transmission or VLT. VLT is the percentage of visible light that is able to pass through your windows. There are a few important highlights that our customers need to know about. First off, the back side and rear windows can be as dark as you want meaning that there is no VLT restriction associated with these windows. The front windows of your vehicle must allow in at least thirty-three percent of visible light. The windshield is allowed to have non-reflective tint on it as long as it is placed above the AS-1 line that is set by the manufacturer. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about these regulations. You can expect us, the best tint shop in Scottsdale Arizona, to keep you safe.

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